AES 52 S- Slicer Ritter
built into drawers from cabinet width
metal slicer, silver metallic colour, fold-down height only
safety switch for intermittent and continuous operation
slice thickness adjustment up to 14 mm
fold-up and fold-down locking mechanism 
finger safety and meat holder
food collecting tray and sliding sledge integrated Ø170 mm
universal concealed reinforced blade 
wxdxh: 195 mm x 79 mm x 385 mm
description kg
52.545.000 AES 52 S 4.4 kg
Drilling template for Clip fastening is enclosed
Installation height min. 79mm:
please check the building-dimensions of the Legrabox typ M
Accessories for AES 52 S
52.517.132 meat blade (plane)
52.517.133 additional universal blade
E 118 Accessories
description type
52.517.132 meat blade gearwheel lila
52.517.133 additional universal blade gearwheel lila
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