Space Tandembox - spice insert
Newly designed plastic spice insert for all available spice glasses and spice cans.
Polystrol 2.5 mm deep drawn, antistatic feature
drawer depth 500 mm
for Blum-systems
gable thickness 16 mm
with gable thickness of 19 mm  the inserts have to be cut by 6mm 
fits Tandembox-antaro, Typ M and N
34.06000.17white matt275 mm159 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06000.21anthracite matt275 mm159 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06000.28carbon black275 mm159 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06001.17white matt300 mm184 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06001.21anthracite matt300 mm184 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06001.28carbon black300 mm184 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06004.17white matt500 mm384 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06004.21anthracite matt500 mm384 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06004.28carbon black500 mm384 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06005.17white matt550 mm434 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06005.21anthracite matt550 mm434 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06005.28carbon black550 mm434 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06006.17white matt600 mm484 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06006.21anthracite matt600 mm484 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06006.28carbon black600 mm484 mm473 mm18 mm
Space - Spice insert in combination with Smart cutlery insert
The best solution for your kitchen or preparation area: these specially cut spice inserts allow a combination with Smart length dividers and Smart cutlery ( ) inserts and offer an optimal usage of space in your kitchen.
Polystyrol 2.5 mm deep drawn
Carbon black, white matt and anthracite matt
antistatic feature
for gable thickness of 16 mm (with gable thickness of 19 mm the inserts have to be cut by 6 mm)
fits Tandembox-plus, -intivo and -antaro, Typ M and N,
Order compensation profiles for type N-drawer Tandembox separately
34.06051.17white mattK300G271 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06054.17white mattK600G571 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06051.21antracite mattK300G271 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06054.21antracite mattK600G571 mm473 mm18 mm
34.06051.28carbon blackK300G271 mm474 mm18 mm
34.06054.28carbon blackK600G571 mm473 mm18 mm
Calculation example
Situation: Outside cabinet width 1200 mm, drawer type M, drawer space approx. 900 mm for cutlery and approx. 300 mm for spices, white matt finish.
34.01900.17 Smart cutlery insert K900 
34.06019.17 Smart length divider
34.06051.17 Smart spice insert K300G
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