Smart - Cutlery insert
Polystyrol deep drawn, antistatic Feature
For drawer length of 500 mm, can be cut in depth to a minimum of 440 mm
With compensation inserts for drawer length of 600 mm
Fits for type M-drawer Tandembox 16 mm
for Legrabox and Woodbox completed with a combensation Smart-Length divider.
Compensation profiles 
colors White matt and anthracite matt are deliverd without compensation strip; order compensation strip for Tandembox type N-drawer separately. B-3.41
Smart - Utility insert K275 
cabinet 275 mm
for Blum-systems
34.11300.17white matt500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mmM
34.11300.21anthracite matt500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mmM
34.11300.28carbon black500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mmM
Smart - Utility insert K300 
cabinet 300 mm
for Blum-systems
34.11310.17white matt500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mmM
34.11310.21anthracite matt500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mmM
34.11310.28carbon black500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mmM
Smart - Utility insert K400 
cabinet 400 mm
for Blum-systems
34.11320.17white matt500 mm317 mm473 mm45 mmM
34.11320.28carbon black500 mm317 mm473 mm45 mmM
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