Smart - Cutlery insert
Polystyrol deep drawn, antistatic Feature, height
Carbon black, White matt and anthracite matt
For drawer length of 500 mm to 550 mm, can be cut in depth to a minimum of 440 mm
With length divider for drawer length of 600 mm and 650 mm
Fits for type M-drawer Tandembox 16 mm
for Legrabox and Woodbox completed with a profile for box
Compensation profiles 
order compensation strip for Tandembox type N-drawer separately. B-3.41
Smart - Cutlery insert K275
cabinet 275 mm
for Blum-systems
34.01275.17white matt500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01275.21anthracite matt500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01275.28carbon black500 mm192 mm473 mm45 mm
34.10275.17white matt550 mm192 mm523 mm45 mm
34.10275.28carbon black550 mm192 mm523 mm45 mm
Smart - Cutlery insert K300
cabinet 300 mm
for Blum-systems
34.01300.17white matt500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01300.21anthracite matt500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01300.28carbon black500 mm217 mm473 mm45 mm
34.10300.17white matt550 mm217 mm523 mm45 mm
34.10300.28carbon black550 mm217 mm523 mm45 mm
Smart - Cutlery insert K400
cabinet 400 mm
for Blum-systems
34.01400.17white matt500 mm317 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01400.21anthracite matt500 mm317 mm473 mm45 mm
34.01400.28carbon black500 mm317 mm473 mm45 mm
34.10400.28carbon black550 mm317 mm523 mm45 mm
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