Variello bred box
Solid wood insert for doug pin. 
54.47289.8lacquered oak200 mm472 mm170 mm
54.47289.4oak stained dark200 mm472 mm170 mm
Variello - drawer insert
solid wood pegs available as dividers (order seperately)
thickness 10 mm
54.47266.8lacquered oak600 mm524 mm472 mm
54.47266.4oak stained dark600 mm524 mm472 mm
54.47268.8lacquered oak900 mm824 mm472 mm
54.47268.4oak stained dark900 mm824 mm472 mm
54.47271.8lacquered oak1200 mm1124 mm472 mm
54.47271.4oak stained dark1200 mm1124 mm472 mm
Variello - Solid wood pegs (per piece)
for drawer insert (Variello)
finishØheightpackaging unit
54.47275.8lacquered oak25 mm160 mm1
54.47275.4oak stained dark25 mm160 mm1
M4 bolt (included)
Variello deep balancing K600, K900, K1200 to NL650
matches Blum LEGRABOX height M
in combination with cutlery insert Variello (see site B-3.24)
matches frame length 650 mm
54.47220.8lacquered oak600 mm526 mm150 mm
54.47220.4oak stained dark600 mm526 mm150 mm
54.47221.8lacquered oak900 mm826 mm150 mm
54.47221.4oak stained dark900 mm826 mm150 mm
54.47222.8lacquered oak1200 mm1126 mm150 mm
54.47222.4oak stained dark1200 mm1126 mm150 mm
Other frame lengths for self cutting: NL600 and NL550
for frame length 600 mm cut for 50 mmand for 550 mmcut for 100 mm
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