WoodenGliss - Combi spice insert 1200 
Solid wood insert for spice glasses, 1 insert with spice canes, 1 sliding cutlery insert and 1 sliding insert.
for Blum TANDEMBOX antaro
Height: 62 mm
Blum-LEGRABOX (- 25 mm) = K825 - K1175 mm
finishcabinet min.cabinet max.depthdrawer depth
54.45540.2beech850 mm1200 mm472 mm500 mm
54.45541.2beech850 mm1200 mm522 mm550 mm
54.45542.2beech850 mm1200 mm572 mm600 mm
54.45543.2beech850 mm1200 mm622 mm650 mm
finishcabinet min.cabinet max.depthdrawer depth
54.45540.7walnut850 mm1200 mm472 mm500 mm
54.45541.7walnut850 mm1200 mm522 mm550 mm
54.45542.7walnut850 mm1200 mm572 mm600 mm
54.45543.7walnut850 mm1200 mm622 mm650 mm
Delivery wihout spice glasses.
Woodline - Spice insert for glasses (per piece)
oiled beech
includes connectors to combine more than one of these inserts
can be cut in width (remove plastic parts first) 
cabinetwidthdepthheightcompatible with
54.35040.2G550 mm464 mm118 mm32 mmBlum-Tandembox antaro
54.35041.2G600 mm514 mm118 mm32 mmBlum-Tandembox antaro
cabinetwidthdepthheightcompatible with
54.35045.2G550 mm475 mm118 mm32 mmBlum-Legrabox
54.35046.2G600 mm525 mm118 mm32 mmBlum-Legrabox
for a 500 mm drawer you needcombination of 4 inserts
can be cut in width (please remove black anti-sliding parts first and cut them seperately !)
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