WoodenGliss divisor single
apposite on Sash cutlery insert
height 62 mm
54.45076.2lacquered beech62 mm
54.45076.6lacquered maple62 mm
54.45076.7lacquered walnut62 mm
54.45076.8lacquered oak62 mm
WoodenGliss divisor single
apposite on Sash cutlery insert
54.45077.2lacquered beech125 mm62 mm
54.45074.2lacquered beech200 mm62 mm
54.45077.6lacquered maple125 mm62 mm
54.45074.6lacquered maple200 mm62 mm
54.45077.7lacquered walnut125 mm62 mm
54.45074.7lacquered walnut200 mm62 mm
54.45077.8lacquered oak125 mm62 mm
54.45074.8lacquered oak200 mm62 mm
WoodenGliss - connecting strip for Blum drawer-sides
Square strip in solid wood. This strip covers the open cap between Blum drawer-side and WoodenGliss elements with strait sides. E.g. knife or spice inserts as well long sash inserts. 
finishdrawer depthstock
54.45096.2lacquered beech500 mmyes
54.45097.2lacquered beech550 mmyes
54.45098.2lacquered beech600 mmyes
54.45099.2lacquered beech650 mmyes
54.45096.6lacquered maple500 mmyes
54.45097.6lacquered maple550 mmyes
54.45098.6lacquered maple600 mmyes
54.45099.6lacquered maple650 mmyes
54.45096.7lacquered walnut500 mmyes
54.45097.7lacquered walnut550 mmyes
54.45098.7lacquered walnut600 mmyes
54.45099.7lacquered walnut650 mmyes
54.45096.8lacquered oak500 mmyes
54.45097.8lacquered oak550 mmyes
54.45098.8lacquered oak600 mmyes
54.45099.8lacquered oak650 mmyes
In combination with shift elements the connecting strips are not nescessary! 
With shift elements a solid, canted and as well a loose connecting strip are enclosed. 
WoodenGliss - connecting strip for Grass drawer
Square strip in solid wood. This strip covers the open cap between Grass drawer-back and WoodenGliss elements.
54.45101.2lacquered beech1200 mm6 mm62 mm
54.45101.6lacquered maple1200 mm6 mm62 mm
54.45101.7lacquered walnut1200 mm6 mm62 mm
54.45101.8lacquered oak1200 mm6 mm62 mm
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