WoodenGliss - Spice insert
Spice insert in solid wood.
3 pieces
for spice glasses with a max. height of 150 mm
delivery without spice glasses
finishwidthdepthheightmax. Ø spice glasses
54.45025.2lacquered beech100 mm472 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45025.6lacquered maple100 mm472 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45025.7lacquered walnut100 mm472 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45025.8lacquered oak100 mm472 mm34 mm48 mm
4 pieces
finishwidthdepthheightmax. Ø spice glasses
54.45026.2lacquered beech100 mm522 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45026.6lacquered maple100 mm522 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45026.7lacquered walnut100 mm522 mm34 mm48 mm
54.45026.8lacquered oak100 mm522 mm34 mm48 mm
WoodenGliss - Knife insert (without knives)
Knife insert in solid wood.
3 grooved slots for knife blades
54.45020.2lacquered beech75 mm472 mm34 mmyes
54.45020.6lacquered maple75 mm472 mm34 mmno
54.45020.7lacquered walnut75 mm472 mm34 mmyes
54.45020.8lacquered oak75 mm472 mm34 mmno
54.45021.2lacquered beech75 mm522 mm34 mmyes
54.45021.6lacquered maple75 mm522 mm34 mmno
54.45021.7lacquered walnut75 mm522 mm34 mmyes
54.45021.8lacquered oak75 mm522 mm34 mmno
WoodenGliss - Knife insert (without knives)
Knife insert in solid wood.
4 grooved slots for knife blades
54.45060.2lacquered beech100 mm472 mm34 mm
54.45060.6lacquered maple100 mm472 mm34 mm
54.45060.7lacquered walnut100 mm472 mm34 mm
54.45060.8lacquered oak100 mm472 mm34 mm
54.45061.2lacquered beech100 mm522 mm34 mm
54.45061.6lacquered maple100 mm522 mm34 mm
54.45061.7lacquered walnut100 mm522 mm34 mm
54.45061.8lacquered oak100 mm522 mm34 mm
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