WoodenGliss - Sash cutlery insert
Cutlery insert in solid wood, dovetailed, veneered bottom.
for drawer width of 170 mm and 270 mm
for Blum-systems
for Grass-systems
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45010.2lacquered beech170 mm270 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45010.6lacquered maple170 mm270 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45010.7lacquered walnut170 mm270 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45010.8lacquered oak170 mm270 mm472 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45011.2lacquered beech170 mm270 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45011.6lacquered maple170 mm270 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45011.7lacquered walnut170 mm270 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45011.8lacquered oak170 mm270 mm522 mm62 mm
for drawer width of 200 mm to 300 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45015.2lacquered beech200 mm300 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45015.6lacquered maple200 mm300 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45015.7lacquered walnut200 mm300 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45015.8lacquered oak200 mm300 mm472 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45016.2lacquered beech200 mm300 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45016.6lacquered maple200 mm300 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45016.7lacquered walnut200 mm300 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45016.8lacquered oak200 mm300 mm522 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45017.2lacquered beech200 mm300 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45017.6lacquered maple200 mm300 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45017.7lacquered walnut200 mm300 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45017.8lacquered oak200 mm300 mm572 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45018.2lacquered beech200 mm300 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45018.6lacquered maple200 mm300 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45018.7lacquered walnut200 mm300 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45018.8lacquered oak200 mm300 mm622 mm62 mm
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