WoodboxGliss - Drawer organizer system
... this drawer organizer system is really simple to use as you do not have to go through any calculations regarding your gable thickness or different drawer systems.  
... offers a tremendous variety of combinations of different drawer inserts. 
... has been designed for Blum-Tandembox, Intivo and Woodbox but can be used with all existing drawer systems available.
Items for drawer depth of and European maple finish: available within 4 weeks from receipt of order. Other wood species available on request. 
Please check page B-3.18 for set arrangements.
other depth on demande
TANDEMBOX: - 100 mm / LEGRABOX and WOODBOX - 75 MM = width disponible for drawer
indicated with mesures are effective mass 
for drawer depth of 600 mm and 650 mm order sash cutlery inserts
adjustable elements do not require a sash cutlery insert 
WoodenGliss - Sash cutlery inserts
Cutlery insert in solid wood, dovetailed, veneered bottom
for drawer depth of 350 mm and 600 mm
for Blum-systems
for Grass-systems
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45000.2lacquered beech350 mm600 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45000.6lacquered maple350 mm600 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45000.7lacquered walnut350 mm600 mm472 mm62 mm
54.45000.8lacquered oak350 mm600 mm472 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45001.2lacquered beech350 mm600 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45001.6lacquered maple350 mm600 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45001.7lacquered walnut350 mm600 mm522 mm62 mm
54.45001.8lacquered oak350 mm600 mm522 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45002.2lacquered beech350 mm600 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45002.6lacquered maple350 mm600 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45002.7lacquered walnut350 mm600 mm572 mm62 mm
54.45002.8lacquered oak350 mm600 mm572 mm62 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depthheight
54.45003.2lacquered beech350 mm600 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45003.6lacquered maple350 mm600 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45003.7lacquered walnut350 mm600 mm622 mm62 mm
54.45003.8lacquered oak350 mm600 mm622 mm62 mm
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