E-Line -pull-out divider
54.46205.7lacquered walnut150 mm472 mm130 mm
54.46205.8lacquered oak150 mm472 mm130 mm
54.46205.29black150 mm472 mm130 mm
54.46206.7lacquered walnut150 mm522 mm130 mm
54.46206.8lacquered oak150 mm522 mm130 mm
54.46206.29black150 mm522 mm130 mm
E-Line -Bread box with cutting board
solid wooden box, removable crum tray and cutting board
54.46210.7lacquered walnut300 mm472 mm130 mm
54.46210.8lacquered oak300 mm472 mm130 mm
54.46210.29black300 mm472 mm130 mm
E-Line - slotted bottom
product can be cut to any width and depth.
thickness: 13 mm 
54.46220.7lacquered walnut525 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46220.8lacquered oak525 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46220.29black525 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46223.7lacquered walnut525 mm622 mm13 mm
54.46223.8lacquered oak525 mm622 mm13 mm
54.46223.29black525 mm622 mm13 mm
54.46230.7lacquered walnut1125 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46230.8lacquered oak1125 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46230.29black1125 mm472 mm13 mm
54.46233.7lacquered walnut1125 mm622 mm13 mm
54.46233.8lacquered oak1125 mm622 mm13 mm
54.46233.29black1125 mm622 mm13 mm
E-Line - slotted bottom rod
quadratic, with grub screw M4 and rectangular nut
rod is pushed laterally into the groove and fixed by turning
finishwidthwidthheightpackaging unit
54.46240.50aluminum anodized15 mm15 mm130 mmset of 4
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