E-Line - Sash cutlery inserts
for cabinet K400 to K650; for gable thickness of 16 mm or 19 mm
height 50 mm
loose bottom can be applied optional depending on with of cabinet
finishwidth min.width max.depth
54.46000.7lacquered walnut300 mm575 mm422 mm
54.46000.8lacquered oak300 mm575 mm422 mm
54.46000.29black300 mm575 mm422 mm
54.46001.7lacquered walnut300 mm575 mm472 mm
54.46001.8lacquered oak300 mm575 mm472 mm
54.46001.29black300 mm575 mm472 mm
54.46002.7lacquered walnut300 mm575 mm522 mm
54.46002.8lacquered oak300 mm575 mm522 mm
54.46002.29black300 mm575 mm522 mm
54.46003.7lacquered walnut300 mm575 mm572 mm
54.46003.8lacquered oak300 mm575 mm572 mm
54.46003.29black300 mm575 mm572 mm
54.46004.7lacquered walnut300 mm575 mm622 mm
54.46004.8lacquered oak300 mm575 mm622 mm
54.46004.29black300 mm575 mm622 mm
E-Line - Utility insert
for cabinet K300 to K400; for gable thickness of 16 mm and 19 mm
height 50 mm
finishwidth min.width max.depth
54.46010.7lacquered walnut219 mm325 mm422 mm
54.46010.8lacquered oak219 mm325 mm422 mm
54.46010.29black219 mm325 mm422 mm
54.46011.7lacquered walnut219 mm325 mm472 mm
54.46011.8lacquered oak219 mm325 mm472 mm
54.46011.29black219 mm325 mm472 mm
54.46012.7lacquered walnut219 mm325 mm522 mm
54.46012.8lacquered oak219 mm325 mm522 mm
54.46012.29black219 mm325 mm522 mm
54.46013.7lacquered walnut219 mm325 mm572 mm
54.46013.8lacquered oak219 mm325 mm572 mm
54.46013.29black219 mm325 mm572 mm
54.46014.7lacquered walnut219 mm325 mm622 mm
54.46014.8lacquered oak219 mm325 mm622 mm
54.46014.29black219 mm325 mm622 mm
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