Saylin-Wall - Aluminum towel holder
Ø 16 mm
length 450 mm
hole distance 440 mm
height 20 mm
wall mounting
Assembly sleeve with screw thread M5
51.70136.03bright anodized1 armed70 mm
51.70136.05stainless steel1 armed70 mm
51.70136.50anodized EV11 armed70 mm
51.70137.03bright anodized2 armed110 mm
51.70137.05stainless steel2 armed110 mm
51.70137.50anodized EV12 armed110 mm
Assembly hint:
Assembly sleeve can be assembled with stair bolt M5 or with counter-sunk screw 8 mm, Ø15 mm x 4 mm.
Saylin-Wall - Aluminum towel holder custom size
Ø 16 mm
length on request
hole distance = length -10 mm
height 20 mm
wall mounting
Assembly sleeve with screw thread M5
finishtypedepthlength up to
51.70140.03bright anodized1 armed70 mm600 mm
51.70140.05stainless steel1 armed70 mm600 mm
51.70140.50anodized EV11 armed70 mm600 mm
51.70141.03bright anodized1 armed70 mm900 mm
51.70141.05stainless steel1 armed70 mm900 mm
51.70141.50anodized EV11 armed70 mm900 mm
51.70142.03bright anodized2 armed110 mm600 mm
51.70142.05stainless steel2 armed110 mm600 mm
51.70142.50anodized EV12 armed110 mm600 mm
51.70143.03bright anodized2 armed110 mm900 mm
51.70143.05stainless steel2 armed110 mm900 mm
51.70143.50anodized EV12 armed110 mm900 mm
Custom size: no return of goods possible, delivery time 3 weeks
Sicaro H - towel holder
This towel holder is comletly mounted.
height 50 mm
width 10 mm
incl. 2 screws M4x24 mm (gable thickness 19 mm)
finishlengthhole distance
61.2142-380.03bright chrome380 mm48 mm
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