Linero R16 mounting bracket for support under furniture
for 62.15166.xx + Rondo
width 20 mm
depth 50 mm
height 110 mm
62.15167.03stainless steel polished
62.15167.10stainless steel polished
For railing support!
Installation onto glass backsplash
length 18.8 mm
glass drillings with Ø7 mm
Installation onto glass backsplash:
Choose a big enough glass drilling dimension, that there will be no contact between your fixing screw and the glass backsplash itself.
Linero R16 - hook
depth 30 mm
height 62 mm
finishpackaging unit
62.15168.03bright chrome1 pieces
62.15168.05stainless steel1 pieces
Linero R16 - Hook Classic 
depth 25 mm
height 50 mm
Ø 3 mm
packaging unit = 1 pieces 
62.15170.10stainless steel
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