CompoSwiss - waste separation system
Waste Separation System for Blum-drawers. For a clean separation of organic and residual waste.
cabinet 500 mm, 600 mm
cabinet side thickness 16 mm or 19 mm
drawer sides Blum-TANDEMBOX or Blum-LEGRABOX
depth drawers-sides 450 mm
tall waste bin for 35 l CH-standard bags
cover tray in metal
fast and easy installation
Set contents:
1 waste bin, 28.5 liters, for 35 liters CH-Standard waste bags (without cover Frame)
1 compost bin, with lid, anthrazit, 12 liters
1 plastic drawer insert
1 cover tray in metal
mounting hardware for cover tray
assembly instructions
Assembly instructions
assembly instructions
Single package
descriptioncabinetgable thicknessfor Blum-systemspackaging unit
34.45630.40CompoSwiss500 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45631.40CompoSwiss500 mm19 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45635.40CompoSwiss500 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
34.45636.40CompoSwiss500 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
34.45620.40CompoSwiss550 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45621.40CompoSwiss550 mm19 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45625.40CompoSwiss550 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
34.45626.40CompoSwiss550 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
34.45610.40CompoSwiss600 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45611.40CompoSwiss600 mm19 mmBlum-LEGRABOX1
34.45615.40CompoSwiss600 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
34.45616.40CompoSwiss600 mm19 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX1
Large packaging
bulk packed, 25 units in one carton.
descriptioncabinetgable thicknessfor Blum-systemspackaging unit
34.45710.40Compo Swiss550 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX25
34.45713.40Compo Swiss550 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX25
34.45700.40Compo Swiss600 mm16 mmBlum-LEGRABOX25
34.45703.40Compo Swiss600 mm16 mmBlum-TANDEMBOX25
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