The SortiBox is a variable, modern waste separation system. It can be installed in any of the numerous drawer type varieties. The system is based on various buckets and collection containers which are fixed directly onto the base of the drawer, partly with positioning brackets. Depending on cabinet width, this allows for respective combinations. For all standard widths, you can choose between a comfortable metal pull-out tray with matching anti-slip mat and a simple plastic tray. The waste bin fits in drawer sarting with a depth from 400 mm. (be aware of the carrying capacity in kg of your selected drawer-sides).
Order your SortiBox via BOX-Manufaktur
Order the complete Blum drawer comfortably and directly via BOX Manufaktur. You can freely choose between the current Blum drawer types in all available colors. The positioning brackets required to fixate the individual buckets and collection containers are preassembled.
with metal pull-out tray
with plastic tray
with metal lid
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