Sortibox - Metall pull-out-shelf
color: glossy black
black inserted anti slip mat with prism structured
Comfortable extractors with automatic closure
ex works for cabinet sizes 550 or 600 mm
cabinet Frame thickness 16 mm or 19 mm
depth 325 mm
extractors depth 405 mm
cabinet Bezeichnung
34.44055.29 K 550 Sortibox Metall pull-out-shelf
34.44060.29 K 600 Sortibox Metall pull-out-shelf
Sortibox - Metall shelf
color: anthracite mat
fixation with 4 bolts
ex works for cabinet sizes 450, 500, 550 or 600 mm
cabinet Frame thickness 16 mm or 19 mm
depth aprox.: 345 mm
Buckets and accessories
SortiBox waste bins can hold 40 liters, have foldable bag holders and cover frames. Color black.
Large SortiBox Bin (Rack). Large collection container including removable battery collection container. Required to incorporate the SortiBox compost bin. Dimensions approx. 330 x 144 x 370 mm.
SortiBox Compost Bin. Light gray bin, black lid. Can only be used in combination with the Rack. Dimensions approx. 260 x 135 x 280 mm.
Small SortiBox bin with 2 removable partitions. Dimensions approx. 182 x 95 x 352 mm.
SortiBox Carrier Bag. Color White plasticized. White handles.
SortiBox activated carbon filter. Reduces the formation of odor in the SortiBox Compost Bin. Dimensions approx. 155 x 65 x 10 mm.
SortiBox activated carbon filter
The filter should be placed above the waste bin.
set of 6 pces
measurements 150 mm x 63 mm x 7 mm
description packaging unit
34.45020.29 activated carbon filter set of 6 pieces each
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